Our kindergarten group is preparing children for their next journey to school.

We have an Early Childhood Teacher which implements a structured plan each day to give children the skills for school readiness and the Community Environment.

Children are given an extensive variety of mathematical concepts, physical challenges, personal choices and group projects. Literacy and Numeracy are the foundation of the Curriculum ensuring that children are confident with these skills before the commencement of school. We give children opportunities to show respect for their environment through learning and appreciation, diversity and self and social concepts are also part of the daily Curriculum implemented at the centre.

We offer a Mandarin language program and English as a Second language program within our Curriculum each day.

Our Early Years Learning Framework provides opportunities for all children to explore their world around them. Children are provided with choices where they can direct their own learning and share interests. Children have opportunities to contribute towards daily tasks and routines with guidance from educators. Families are encouraged to provide input towards their child’s learning and development through effective communication techniques with educators, educators use this information to provide a consistency between home and care. Families goals for their child are shared with the Kindergarten teacher and are part of the learning process.

Children are given opportunities to work individually as well as in a group situation, valuable friendships are developed during this time to carry children through to assist in positive life choices.

Children are given opportunities to prepare for school by:

  • Developing concentration skills
  • Developing writing skills
  • Recognition of letters and numbers
  • Phonics development
  • Co-operation techniques

In this group you need to provide:

  • Labelled bag with change of spare clothes
  • 1 piece of fruit each day

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