Our Pre-Kindy group are starting their journey towards more formal learning, encompassing all areas of development.

The Educators in this group provides opportunities for children to make choices and extend their learning and development. Children are making important friendship groups, building on concentration skills and participating in group discussions and projects.

Our Early Years Learning Framework provides the basis of their learning and children will have  opportunities to learn and develop in their own way. Educators assist children with their understanding by scaffolding the learning process. Children are starting to prepare for transitioning into the Kindergarten group which will prepare them for school.

Children are developing co-operation skills, negotiation techniques and independence, educators provide opportunities for children to contribute towards their learning in a shared environment.

In this group you need to provide:

  • Labelled bag with change of spare clothes
  • 1 piece of fruit each day

We will provide children with a bucket hat labelled with their name which they will wear while outdoors, sunscreen throughout the year.

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